Unguento Riparatore (Repairing Ointment)


Unguento Riparatore (Repairing Ointment) consists in an emollient ointment for external use. It is based on propolis and cera alba with marked skin-purifying and restorative properties. Cera alba is a regenerator of damaged cells thanks to the presence of vitamin A.

Repairing Ointment also contains: nourishing olive oil, calendula extract, rosin, chamomile extract, hypericum extract, centella extract, Roman chamomile essential oil, sage essential oil, rosemary essential oil, lavender essential oil.

The presence of the aforementioned selected essential oils and natural extracts actively contributes to the restorative and emollient function of this product.

How to use: apply and massage on the affected area two-three times a day.

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